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    KreiderArt Gallery of Arts in Woodburning and Pyrography
    KreiderArt Galleries of Arts for Sale in Woodburning and Pyrography

Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced

Give a gift to yourself or someone you love that will last a lifetime--the opportunity to nurture a talent that will enrich your life with the capacity to create and express beauty in a way you may never have thought possible. Catered to each student's skill level, interests, talent, and pace, this opportunity to explore an exquisite and rare artform will introduce each student to a world whose charm is ageless. Under David's patient and learner-centered tutelage garnered from over 33 years of experience, his students too have found satisfaction in creating images like these in no time.

Class sessions may be taken as stand alone units or combined in sequence in the following blocks of 2.5 and 8 hours by request--to work at the level, pace, and duration that suits your needs. Sign up with a friend and enjoy the camaraderie of learning together from each others' skills and projects.

About the Instructor:

DAVID KREIDER is a mixed media artist working in the rare artforms of pyrography and pyrogravure coloree. He is known for his exquisite intercultural character studies, portraits, wildlife, and vibrant impressionistic landscapes incorporating the rich visual textures of his "canvases" on wood.

David has been showing and selling his award-winning art in over 400 juried art shows, street fairs, galleries, and international and ethnic festivals for over 32 years. More recently, by request, he has taken to teaching this unusual art to the delight of pyrography enthusiasts who have been captivated by his talent and work at Schools of Craft and Woodworking that often bring together some of the premier artists and craftsmen in their fields. He has been gratified to be honored by his students as a gifted and engaging teacher whose style seems to connect and bring out the collective best and often undiscovered talents of his students.

Having grown up in the conflicted world of the Middle East, in Israel-Palestine, and visited and taught in Egypt, Iraq and Kurdistan, regions that span the cultures and faith traditions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and others in a multiplicity of cultural expressions, David's work and studies have taken him into the arts of intercultural diplomacy, conflict transformation, trauma healing, interfaith engagement, and peacebuilding as well. Expressions of his interests in peace pervade his art and student-centered teaching in a way that not only evokes their best in technical skills but draws from and nurtures their heart and soul as well.

KreiderArt Galleries of Woodburning and Pyrography Art
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