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    KreiderArt Gallery of Arts in Woodburning and Pyrography
    KreiderArt Galleries of Arts for Sale in Woodburning and Pyrography

Welcome to KreiderArt Galleries of Pyrographic and Woodburning Art, a unique collection of fine art created with wood or wood intermediates using burning and stains, work of a kind you will only find here.

Artist Statement:
Pyrography, or woodburning is nearly a lost art, yet from my earliest encounters with it as a child I found it seductive. In the warm organic beauty of wood I find a deep spiritual connection with nature, an intriguing aesthetic that now adds mystery and meaning to my art.

Over the years as I've explored its nuances, the subtle blends of wood and the subjects I portray, I feel I've discovered something truly beautiful. The rich flesh tones and deep earthy hues of burning combine handsomely with my intercultural portraits and wildlife art. The grains of oak, birch, maple, and fir infused with transparent color offer rich tonal underlays and evocative parallels to the ethereal textures of the atmosphere, gentle ripples in water, and the undulating stratifications of landscape and terrain. In my experimentations with woods and other complimentary media I've found intriguing steppingstones to mergers and derivatives that have ultimately led me to what to my knowledge is a unique genre in art I've called pyrographics.

I invite you to explore my musings here and to leave a few words with your thoughts in my Guestbook before you leave. I would love to hear from you. I hope you will enjoy your visit and find something of beauty to give to yourself, a loved one, or friend. I hope too you will consider coming out to find me at one of my shows. I would enjoy meeting you. Thanks so much and best wishes for peace. - David

KreiderArt Galleries of Woodburning and Pyrography Art
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